The company Edil Leca S.r.l. has been at the service of architects and designer for over 50 years with building products based on light expanded Leca clay; materials with excellent technical features and a wide variety of aesthetic possibilities which give great freedom in the design and creation.
Leader in the field, Edil Leca Srl produces over 80 models of blocks, covering plates and architectural precast panels of different sizes and features: a wide range of innovative solutions, such as to meet the construction needs of public and private buildings (residential, agricultural, industrial and of services) of the road and railway sector.

Edil Leca builds the future together with you.


Founded in 1968, the company began in 1969 with the production and marketing of light expanded Leca clay blocks putting advanced methods of construction on the “Tre Venezie” market in comparison to the local tradition based on bricks.
In 1972 the producers of light expanded Leca clay elements come together to develop research and improve the performance of product quality, founding the National Association A.N.P.E.L. (National Association of Leca Element Manufacturers) giving rise to the brand LecaBlocco and to the role of a LecaBlocco certificate producer. From the building plaster blocks, towards the end of the seventies the production is expanded with a line of architectural facing blocks with several surfaces and colors to meet the different needs of architectural design. The earthquake disaster in the Friuli region in 1976 made it possible to test on the field the validity of the anti-seismic reinforced masonry systems that the company had already realized in previous years by increasing the research and development of REINFORCED masonry.
At the same time, the company Edil Leca diversifies by introducing a concrete precast wall division for the production and marketing of self-standing horizontal concrete panels to contain bulk materials and liquids for animal husbandry, industry, renewable energy and the environment.

In 1996 the company obtained the UNI ISO 9001 Quality Certification and later over the years ISO 9001:2015. In 2005 it was the first company in Italy, manufacturing concrete products to obtain the CE Mark.
The company’s history did not always have happy moments; in 1997 suddenly dies a founding member, Tranquillo Franco Zanon, entrepreneurial soul and designer of new projects. His death left an unbridgeable gap in the company. The descendants decide to carry on their father’s business towards the 2000’s with the construction of new plants and automated production plants, using the first robots in some steps of the production process.
The new plants and the continuous search for better features and better performances in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation allow the creation of new ranges of products for acoustic and environmental remediation in the industry and road sector. The new Infrastructure Division is dedicated to the production and marketing of high-performance A5 class certified concrete barriers according to the UNI 1793 1 2013 standard.
The flexibility of the production process and the professional customer service have distinguished us for more than 50 years always trying to satisfy the countless needs of product personalization required by designers and customers.



Realize building material based on the most advanced technologies, to support the planners even in the most complex performances, putting at the service of their creativity a full range of products with high value physical/functional features and performances.
Everything with the guarantee of reliability of a continuously updated production plant and a Certified Quality System since 1996. And also supporting a competent staff that guarantees an advisory service to use Edil Leca Srl products correctly and at the highest possible performance.

Edil Leca: materials for your ideas.

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