Element H.5,00 m

Silos Elements

EDIL Leca’s Horizontal Silos are series productions declared in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministerial Decree of 17/01/2018 registered with the “Presidenza del Consiglio Superiore dei LL.PP.” (Presidency of the Upper Council for Public Works) and manufactured with:

  • low water/cement ratio.
  • high mechanical strenght.
  • high protection of reinforcements.
  • extremely low chlorides content.
  • high exposure class.

they are subject to checks in accordance with the law and ensure greater durability over time.

Element dividing sizes: cm
Height Lenght Width
500 225 230
500 225 160 1

1 - Element with 1 foot

Element perimetral sizes: cm
Height Lenght Width
500 200 250
Final element dividing size: cm
Height Lenght Width
500 1 225 230
400 2 225 230
284 3 225 230
169 4 225 230

1 - Final element T4
2 - Final element T3
3 - Final element T2
4 - Final element T1

Technical specifications:
Load conditions Normal type Normal type Reinforced type
Specific weight Kg/m3 1000 1800 1800
Internal friction angle degrees 35° 35° 35°
Pile inclination degrees 15° 15° 15°
Overload Kg/m2 1000 nullo 1000
Other types:


Corner perimeter wall right

Corner perimeter wall left


Corner dividing wall

Dividing final wall T4

Dividing final wall T3

Dividing final wall T2

Dividing final wall T1

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