Precast tanks


Precast tanks are used in:

  • zootechnics to contain slurry;
  • industry in liquid purification and containment plants;

Are made of modular units, statically independent, which allow the creation of tanks of variable height with flat or lowered bottom, within or above ground, in the following shapes:

  • circular or elliptical;
  • square-shaped, rectangular or triangular with rounded corners;
  • multiple with one or more compartments.

These tanks are better suited to specific needs and are therefore:

  • flexible and cheap

Our tank units are industrially manufactured in the factory with special waterproofed concrete with a low water/cement ratio, with high-strength steel and improved adhesion well-spaced from the wall.

There are strict quality controls on this tanks and their mechanical characteristics are considerably higher than those obtainable with tanks cast-in-place, therefore our tanks have:

  • greater water resistance.
  • longer lifecycle.

Finally our tanks consist in units connected together by elastic and watertight joints that absorb the dimensional, thermo-hygrometric and settling movements. For this reason they have another important characteristic: they do not crack.

The prefabricated units have the highest exposure class of concrete (XA3 in accordance with UNI EN 206-1) for the protection of the product from chemical attacks in highly aggressive environments.


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